7 Learning Strategies to Help You Unleash Your Full Academic Potential
7 Learning Strategies to Help You Unleash Your Full Academic Potential
Collaborative Learning
You’re Never Alone - IAspire Is Collaborative!

Collaborative learning is a key learning technique thatcan effectively develop higher order thinking skills, positive attitudes to learning, team-work and knowledge retention. From learning key study techniques, to sports and leisure activities, personal development and robotics, iAspire has it all. And with the opening of various campuses around Sydney, you’ll sure find a center near you!

Private Tutoring
Desire Private Tutoring? – IAspire Goes One To One!

From increasing academic grades to expanding practical knowledge in a wide range of subjects, private tutoring is a flexible option! iAspire provides students with private tuition from primary, secondary to university tutoring, with the options of one to one, workshops and special online classes! Comprehensive selection criteria with specialized teachers, customized lessons and a load of fun while learning – attending tuition will never be the same.

Special Needs Tutoring
Learning Knows No Bounds – IAspire Is Disability Friendly!

Every child is innately born with intelligence, talents, skills and wisdom. Special needs education has seen an exponential growth with many organisations based in New South Wales. At iAspire, we aim to connect special needs children to accessible organisations withspecialised teachers and provide volunteering opportunities in tutoring special needs children!

Online Courses
From The Alphabets To Medicine- IAspire Goes Online!

Virtual learning has become a prominent part of today’s teaching methods – fit to provide students with flexible study means, excellent resources and open communication. iAspire’s online courses range from catering primary, secondary and university students. Learn topics in Mathematics, Science, Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Computing and Arabic.